STAR Energy Holdings is a technology agnostic developer of renewable and sustainable alternative energy projects.  Our mission is to provide Sustainability Through Alternative or Renewable energy; with integrity, innovation, and stewardship for future generations.  STAR operates from several locations across the central U.S..  Our main office is located in Fort Wayne, IN and a regional office located in Louisville, KY.  

STAR is proud to take part in the development of these alternative energy projects.  We believe every technology we develop had its place in solving the energy issues we face today.  We intend for our projects to make a difference in reducing the impact of energy needs locally and creating economic opportunity for the project host.

STAR measures the success of its business and projects with the Triple Bottom Line

  • Social – fair and beneficial business practices toward labor and the community
  • Environmental – sustainable environmental practices
  • Financial – the economic value created by the organization

Brief History

Established in 2008 to develop utility-scale wind energy conversion projects.

As Star grew we identified opportunity in other technologies, with photovoltaic solar being our second technology after wind, in 2009 developing and  selling several projects through 2011.

In 2010 Star entered the waste-to-energy industry with the goal of developing anaerobic digesters for dairy farmers, divert waste from landfills, provide sustainability solutions to facilities the produce organic waste (turning this into energy versus wasting)

In 2015 Star rebranded, and refocused our development efforts toward the Midwestern U. S. market; focusing on Solar and AD (renewable Biogas) projects

In 2016 STAR purchased the historic Bernheim distillery in downtown Louisville to operate community outreach and our solar businesses