822 Renew

Community Outreach

STAR is committed to giving back from its success.  STAR purchased the property at 822 to open local offies in Louisville and begin work on some community initiatives.  Currently STAR is developing the building to include:

  • A community advocacy group incubator – A program to give office space to local community groups so that they can have better access to tools and resources to do their work.
  • Training – A training program that will offer jobs training to local at-risk adults and out of work Appalachian coal miners.  This training facility will offer solar installation training, industrial safety training, among other applicable skills.
  • Offices – New local offices for our family of renewable energy companies as we develop projects throughout Kentucky
  • Community Garden – STAR Hopes to build a community garden for local residents this spring 2017.
  • Event Center – A safe place for local residents to hold functions, as well as for our tenant community groups