STAR Energy Holdings

We strive to provide sustainability through alternative renewable energy with integrity, innovation, and stewardship for future generations. Learn more about STAR Energy here.


Huntington’s Anaerobic Digester will be the first to be installed in the county and North East Indiana. It will service the New Dawn Dairy farm by turning their waste into energy and valuable by-products. Star Energy Holdings is excited to be able to bring this new production facility to Huntington and plans to expand the facility in the future to accommodate more and growing herds.

Benham Coal Museum

STAR Solar is bringing solar to Kentucky! Benham Coal Museum’s solar installation is just the beginning as the City of Benham works to complete a total 215 kW solar power installation

STAR BioEnergy

Turn your waste into Fertilizer, Topsoil, and Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) with an Anaerobic Digester! Learn more here to put your waste into action!

STAR Solar

You want solar power? We have what it takes! Find out how STAR can help you, start to finish, with our full-service PV solar power.


CNG stations are bringing alternative fuel options for your vehicles! Find out how you can make CNG a reality for your town!
STAR Energy Holdings is a technology agnostic developer of renewable and sustainable alternative energy projects. Our mission is to provide Sustainability Through Alternative or Renewable energy; with integrity, innovation, and stewardship for future generations. STAR operates from several locations across the central U.S.. Our main office is in Fort Wayne, IN with a regional office located in Louisville, KY.

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STAR BioEnergy is a waste to energy renewables developer developing biodigesters to produce biogas from the natural process of anaerobic digestion. By diverting waste streams from landfills to heated, sealed tanks, natural bacteria convert the organics into biogas, liquid effluent, and nutrient-rich solids, and keeps them from filling landfill space and discharging greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. Once scrubbed to pipeline-quality, the gas is sold into the nation’s grid as renewable natural gas. Several federal and state credits accompany these transactions. The by-products, the liquid and solids, are marketed in the local area.

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Star CNG Holdings was established in 2012 for opportunity in the alternative fuel market. Star CNG Systems hopes to develop CNG fueling stations across the country. Currently Star CNG hopes to develop stations along-side parent company Star Energy Holding’s anaerobic digester developer, Nature’s Methane. Star CNG believes there is an opportunity in the CNG fueling station market that is only further enhanced by the opportunity to work closely with related markets thanks in part to Star Distributed Energy’s diverse holdings.

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STAR Solar is full-service solar business offering development services, projects for commercial and utility clients, engineering of solar systems, EPC services, and O&M services. STAR Solar extends STAR Energy’s mission to develop renewable and sustainable technologies. We believe solar is a key investment to a more sustainable future. Learn more about how STAR Solar can help solve your energy issues today!

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STAR Wind began development of wind projects in 2008. Over the next two years STAR Wind developed approximately 1,400 MW of early-stage wind developments throughout Indiana and Ohio. In 2010 Star sold it’s wind developments to Apex Clean Energy to raise money for continued wind development, and development of other renewable technologies. Today we no longer develop our own wind projects. Instead we look for opportunities to partner with individuals with a need or goal for wind generation. Helping them to develop their idea to a construction ready project. And, in some cases managing construction.

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