Benham Coal Museum

STAR Solar is proud to be part of bringing solar to the Benham Coal Museum.  With the first phase complete, 26 kW of the eventual 215 kW total installation is complete for the City of Benham.  We hope to install the rest of the panels by fall of this year.

STAR BioEnergy

  • Three construction ready projects
  • 25-30 identified projects
  • Goal to build 25 facilities in the next 42 months


  • 11 identified fueling stations

STAR Solar

  • Sold 60 MW of solar developments
  • One project construction ready


  • Development of waste-to-energy anaerobic digester projects
  • Development of CNG fueling stations
  • Fleet conversion assistance
  • Utility-scale distributed wind
  • Development of photovoltaic solar projects
  • Environmental attribute trading

STAR Energy Holdings is a technology agnostic developer of renewable and sustainable alternative energy projects. Our mission is to provide Sustainability Through Alternative or Renewable energy; with integrity, innovation, and stewardship for future generations. STAR operates from several locations across the central U.S.. Our main office is located in Fort Wayne, IN and a regional office located in Louisville, KY.

STAR's Community Outreach Campus

822 Renew is the core of STAR’s community outreach efforts, and home to our Louisville offices. Located near downtown on 15th and Maple (one block south of Broadway), in the historic Bernheim Distillery Bottling Plant.

Anaerobic Digesters

CNG Filling Stations

Commercial PV Solar

Commercial Wind Farms